News | McKinney expresses concern at Out Of Hours GP report

McKinney expresses concern at Out Of Hours GP report

SDLP Health Spokesperson Fearghal McKinney has expressed his concern at the findings of a leaked report from the Southern Health Trust into out of hours GP Services.

Within the report GP’s described understaffing as ‘a catastrophe’ and the cutting of services as ‘unmanageable and dangerous’.

Mr McKinney said:

“I first want to pay tribute to the tireless work of our frontline healthcare staff whose incredible effort is undermined by service cuts. I also think it is right to acknowledge the efforts being made by the Southern Trust to find out exactly what is wrong. That being said, I am extremely concerned about the findings of the report.

“This report raises huge questions about the blame and bullying culture that exists in our health service. If GP’s believe the focus on targets has created bad behaviour and that Health Service management is unapproachable then this must be addressed.

“I certainly hope that the immense pressure that is being placed on healthcare staff, as illustrated within the report, is not being used as a device to push through a failing Transforming Your Care change agenda. This is even more worrying when we hear that members of staff are simply not being listened to.

Mr McKinney continued:

“We know, from debates in the Assembly and work carried out by the Health Committee, that TYC transition is underfunded and many of the targets are not being measured properly.

“The findings of this report, together with the recent catalogue of health service failings, paint a picture of instability and immense pressure on staff.

“The Minister must now listen carefully to what highly experienced staff are telling him.”

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