News | McGlone: Cameron’s Tax Credit plans are an attack on working parents

McGlone: Cameron’s Tax Credit plans are an attack on working parents

Chair of the Assembly Enterprise Committee and SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has said that David Cameron’s proposed changes to Tax Credits may force thousands out of work and amount to an attack on working parents.

He said: “David Cameron today announced his intention to reduce the level of tax credits paid to families across Britain and the North. In doing so he has launched an incredible attack on working families here.

“Of the 140,000 families that claim child tax credits in Northern Ireland, the majority, almost 90,000, are working parents finding it difficult to make ends meet in the current economic climate. By wielding the axe against working families, the Tories risk putting thousands out of work and further damaging our struggling economy. 

“A recent survey by Aviva has shown that many parents are earning less than £100 per month after childcare costs are deducted. By slashing the supplementary aid available to low income families, Cameron is undermining his own stated aim of welfare reform -  to get people back into work. This plan is ill conceived and will damage the extremely fragile recovery in  the North. 

“I have already called for a new approach to welfare and work reform, focussing on supporting working families by increasing the level of childcare support available. These plans make that approach even more crucial.

“The SDLP has warned against the dangers of the 8th July budget at Westminster. We’re now getting early indications of how deep the next wave of cuts are going to be. In that context, all parties must unite to defend working and the vulnerable from a savage Tory attack.”

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