News | SDLP will vote to reduce tuition fees cap

SDLP will vote to reduce tuition fees cap

SDLP West Tyrone Candidate Daniel McCrossan has said that all SDLP MPs returned to Westminster will vote to reduce the tuition fees cap imposed by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Mr McCrossan said:

“As a 26 year old recent graduate, I have experienced how difficult it is for young people to access higher education. Whether it’s the cost of living independently for the first time or the struggle of finding a job to finance study for at least three years, there are significant financial barriers to a university education.

“Those barriers have been raised by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition after they blew the lid off the tuition fees cap in one of their first and most devastating attacks on working class families and students.  We expected no different from the Tories but Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats betrayed themselves, their voters and the public by underhandedly rowing in behind Cameron in pursuit of power.

“My generation deserves better. Our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters all deserve better. That’s why SDLP MPs will vote to reduce the tuition fees cap in the next parliament. We believe that a strong economy has to be built on the foundations of a solid skills base. So we will move to break through the barriers to higher education by lowering the maximum fees students pay to £6000 and explore a further reduction back to pre-coalition levels. We will also ensure that the Northern Ireland tuition fee freeze remains in place.

“Young people are cynical about politics because too often politicians let them down. That was a systemic failure within the last parliament and we plan to remedy it. Electing a strong team of SDLP MPs will ensure that the needs of our young people are met and their futures secured.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

028 71882828

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