News | Bradley: Minister’s visit to Dusseldorf is a ‘Dusseldud’

Bradley: Minister’s visit to Dusseldorf is a ‘Dusseldud’

SDLP Economy Spokesperson Sinead Bradley MLA has asked why the Economy Minister spent two days visiting Germany and apparently did not raise Brexit.

Ms Bradley said that the Minister, who refused to reveal how he voted on the EU referendum, undoubtedly enjoyed his visit to learn about the German economy but that the time should have been spent listening to the stark warnings from our European neighbours on the impact that leaving the EU would have.

Ms Bradley said: “It is incredible that throughout two days spent in Germany, one of the most thriving economies in Europe, all that the Economy Minister has to say is that he visited a cladding business and talked about cultural support for German business. This is the man responsible for promoting and defending the best interests of our economy and the net worth of his visit to an advanced economy is that it ‘strikes a chord’ with him.

“Was there no engagement on the biggest threat to our local economy? Has the Minister decided to bury his head in the sand on Brexit as more and more of our European colleagues point out that the terms of an exit from the EU would be devastating to our economy? It is quite frankly astounding that Simon Hamilton has decided to completely ignore that in his statement. But that may be because he realises just how much damage leaving the EU will actually do to people here.

“If it is the case that the Minister failed to discuss these matters, then his visit was an incredible waste of public funds and a total dud. I will be submitting urgent Assembly questions to find out just how much money was spent on the Minister’s ‘learning’ visit and what engagements were undertaken.”

Sinead Bradley MLA

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