News | Hanna: Spotlight has blown the lid on NAMA deal

Hanna: Spotlight has blown the lid on NAMA deal

SDLP Finance Spokesperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Finance Committee Claire Hanna has called for independent cross-border inquiry into the sale of the NAMA northern property portfolio following revelations by BBC Spotlight around the nature of Frank Cushnahan’s involvement in the deal.

Claire Hanna said: “Spotlight has really blown the lid on the backroom dealings that went on around the NAMA northern property deal. As far back as July the SDLP asked for the Assembly to be recalled to get a handle on these emerging issues.

“In a matter as serious as this, sunlight is the best disinfectant but eight months of unanswered questions and limited inquiries later we are no further to getting to the bottom of what appears to be a dodgy deal.

“There is now a clear need for a fully independent inquiry that compels answers from governments north and south of the border and all those involved in this deal that led to such a shocking loss for the taxpayer.

“The NCA investigation must also be expedited and full co-operation must be given by all concerned into any investigations undertaken by US authorities.”

Claire Hanna MLA

028 90996066

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