News | Hanna: Village arson was a racist hate crime

Hanna: Village arson was a racist hate crime

SDLP South Belfast MLA Claire Hanna has condemned an arson attack in the Village area of South Belfast which is being treated by police as a racist hate crime. Ms Hanna called on local representatives to be proactive in countering racism in our community by showing support for multiculturalism.

Claire Hanna said, “This attack is utterly reprehensible and does not reflect the attitude of the people of South Belfast who recognise that diversity makes us stronger and is something to be encouraged. The amount of research that proved immigration is good for our economy is overwhelming. Mr Cirpaci can depend on the solidarity and support of the people of South Belfast who have always opened their arms to people from around the world.”


“Following this attack we will hear widespread condemnation from a number of representatives and they are right to do so but what is much more important than their condemnation of crime is their vocal and visible support for multiculturalism in our community. By doing this they can set an example for everyone and we can begin to relegate incidents like this to the past.

Claire Hanna MLA

028 90996066

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