News | Ritchie: Plans for Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant should be abandoned

Ritchie: Plans for Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant should be abandoned

SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has called on the British Government to abandon its plans to construct Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant sooner rather than later.

Ms Ritchie said:

“I have learned that there is a condition attached to the Treasury Loan Guarantee which stipulates that Britain could withdraw financial support for the controversial £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley if the plant being built by France’s EDF is not running by 2020.

“There have been rising concerns surrounding the EDF’s ability to fund this project, and hearing the news of continuous problems at the French site will only lengthen the time taken to complete the project. The Nuclear Plant in France is being built with similar designs and is facing problem after problem, delaying the project by years.

“The problems facing the site similar to Hinkley Point being built in France further highlight the British Government’s misguided plans to invest more in the construction of economically unviable nuclear power plants. The British Government should abandon these plans in favour of investment in renewable technologies.

“The facts are clear and have been for a long time; this project is too costly, it has not been properly thought out; and the problems facing the EDF in France give an indicator of the problems facing the progress of the Hinkley Nuclear Power Plant. The Government should take this opportunity to re-evaluate their plans and abandon these plans before it is too late.”

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