News | ‘Slab’ case shows need to respect Rule of Law

‘Slab’ case shows need to respect Rule of Law

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has commented on the sentencing of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy following his conviction for tax evasion in the Special Criminal Court.

Mr Eastwood said:  

“The support and acceptance of the independent judiciary is a keystone of democracy and the rule of law and all parties must accept today's sentencing from the court. 

“It is not acceptable for some to seek to give Mr Murphy, a convicted criminal, political cover. It’s also inaccurate to describe him as a ‘good republican’. Depriving the Irish state of tax revenue to fund hospitals, schools or jobs is not a republican value. A good republican lives up to their obligations to others, they do not seek to evade their responsibilities in the pursuit of personal greed.

“Every party leader must be clear – the rule of law applies to every citizen equally. It doesn’t matter if you’re friends with Gerry Adams; everyone is subject to the law without exception. That is a founding principle of any republic. “Any attempt to undermine the judgment of the court for political purposes is a dangerous precedent and would prove a party unfit to govern fairly.”

Colum Eastwood MP

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