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Attwood: Belfast Tribunal Service Secures Additional Funding

Cllr Tim Attwood has welcomed the decision at Belfast City Council Strategic Policy and Resources Committee this morning to provide additional funding to maintain Belfast Tribunal Service. Cllr Attwood was involved in intensive lobbying to support this service over the last few months. He and Cllr Lee Reynolds originally helped secure funding for this vital service over the last 3 years.
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Hanna: Sinn Féin RHI proposal has no basis in law

SDLP Finance Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA has called on Sinn Féin to back a public inquiry into the RHI scandal, conducted under the Inquiries Act of 2005. Ms Hanna also highlighted that the investigation into the scandal currently proposed by Sinn Féin would require new law to be drafted to give it the power to compel witnesses and documents.
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Ritchie: Toshiba crisis a wake-up call to a misguided nuclear strategy

SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has called on the British Government to abandon its plans for new nuclear reactors at Moorside amid a fresh financial crisis facing its majority shareholder. Toshiba saw 40% wiped from the company’s value over the past week leading to doubts if it can continue as a majority shareholder for the proposed nuclear sites.
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McGlone: Sinn Féin in disarray over RHI inquiry

SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has called on Sinn Féin to back the SDLP call for an independent, judge-led inquiry into the RHI scandal. Mr McGlone made his comments amid contradictory positions from Sinn Féin on their plan to achieve transparency and accountability on the issue.
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