News | McNulty addresses Westminster Brexit Committee in Armagh

McNulty addresses Westminster Brexit Committee in Armagh

SDLP Newry and Armagh MLA Justin McNulty has addressed the Westminster Brexit Committee on a visit to Armagh today. The visit included meetings with local political, community and business representatives as well as a visit to the Armagh / Monaghan border at Middletown. Mr McNulty welcomed the Committee to a border county and said it was critical that they got to grips with the impact that Brexit will have on communities here.

Mr McNulty said, ‘Border counties and communities will be the most affected area on these islands as a result of Brexit. It’s critical that those involved in the process understand the realities facing people living in these communities.’

‘We’re talking about people who cross the border hundreds of times a month as part of their daily routine. There can be no physical or structural impediment to daily life continuing in these communities. We rejected Brexit, it cannot now be forced on us in the worst possible terms by others.’

‘Today the committee heard from political, community and business representatives. The business representatives were from every sector of our economy here from hospitality, agri-food, tourism, retail, manufacturing and leading economists. The message was clear and united, a hard border and hard Brexit would damage our economy and cost jobs. They want no border on the island of Ireland or in the Irish Sea.’

‘The only reasonable alternative to the hard border that the DUP is sending us toward, is for the North to remain in the Single Market and the Customs Union. Whatever language you want to use; the end result must be the same.’

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