News | Dallat: Haggarty release makes a mockery of our Justice System

Dallat: Haggarty release makes a mockery of our Justice System

SDLP MLA John Dallat has said the decision to knock 29 years off the sentence of former UVF commander Gary Haggarty for passing information to the PSNI defies any sense of justice. This is compounded by the recent decision by the PPS not to prosecute two of Haggarty’s Special Branch handlers who directed and provided cover for many of his heinous crimes.

The MLA for East Derry said:


“The appalling decision to release murderer Haggarty after just six years makes a complete mockery of our Justice System.


“This decision does nothing but heap further pain and suffering upon the relatives of victims, who even at this stage believed they may have received some sense of justice.


“All of this comes at a time when Theresa May is spinning the myth that there is an imbalance against security forces being investigated for Troubles related offences, when state sponsored murderers like Haggarty are walking free.


“It truly is an indictment of our Justice System that a criminal like Haggarty has been effectively rewarded despite having a list of over 500 offences and 5 attempted murders against his name.


“Thankfully there are relatives who are not prepared to take this lying down and won’t give up the struggle for justice for those who were lured to their deaths by Loyalist death squads run by the security forces.”

John Dallat MLA

028 29541880

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