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McCrossan: Brexit Demands a Remain Voice at Westminster

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan has hit out at the “utter failure” of the DUP and Sinn Fein to do anything to protect the interests of all people across the island against Brexit. Mr McCrossan the SDLP candidate in the up and coming West Tyrone by-election said that now is the time for the people of West Tyrone to “unite” to protect their interests against Brexit.

Mr McCrossan said:

“Daily we hear of the concerns across these islands and Europe about how Brexit will hit our local economy. We know that Brexit will devastate our way of life here and we know that it will cause chaos for border communities. But what we don’t hear too much of is what our MPs are doing for us in Westminster to protect our interests. That’s because they are not.

“The DUP are caught up in their love affair with the British Government – blinded by power, they are refusing to yield it to protect us from the economic, social and political chaos it will bring to Ireland.

“Meanwhile, Sinn Fein are nowhere to be seen. Shiny posters, waving banners on the streets and posing in corridors for selfies with British politicians won’t change Brexit. They refuse to take their seat to take on the DUP and the British Government. They refuse to join the SNP and Labour to fight to protect your rights.

“It’s about time that we challenged their utter failure.

"This election is like no other. In this election, we need to wave goodbye to the narrowness of party politics and vote for a voice in Westminster that reflects your view that we are better with Europe. Nationalist, Unionist or other, none of us want to see any borders on these islands.

“I appeal to you, have the courage for change. Choose in this election to vote for change, vote for a voice and vote to stop Brexit. Not just for West Tyrone – let’s give people right across Northern Ireland a voice.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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