News | McCrossan concerned over rising redundancies

McCrossan concerned over rising redundancies

SDLP Economy Spokesperson Daniel McCrossan MLA has raised his concern that the number of confirmed redundancies in the last 12 months is 50% higher than in the previous 12 months. Mr McCrossan said it was extremely worrying that 2,889 have been made redundant in 2018 and with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit looming these statistics were likely to increase.

The MLA for West Tyrone commented:


“It is unacceptable that just under 3000 individuals faced redundancies this year. That is just shy of 3000 families unsure of where the next wage packet is coming from.


“What is worse is that with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit hurtling down the track, these statistics are only set to increase.


“I would challenge the DUP, in their belligerence towards the backstop, to consider the further harm they will bring to our economy here if they choose a reckless Brexit over a sensible one.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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