News | Belfast City Council to establish Climate Crisis Committee

Belfast City Council to establish Climate Crisis Committee

Belfast City Council is to establish a committee to examine its contribution to the climate crisis and work to mitigate the impact of climate breakdown on the city’s citizens, communities and economy.

The move follows a proposal made by SDLP Councillor Séamas de Faoite.

Speaking after the decision, Cllr de Faoite said:

“We are facing a global climate catastrophe. We must take action to address the impact of rising temperatures caused by human generated emissions within the next 11 years. This is no niche political hobby horse – it’s an emergency and it demands immediate action at a local, national and international level.

“I’m delighted that the Council has approved my proposal for a specific working group to examine the contribution we can make toward mitigating climate breakdown and protecting people in this city. 

“All eight of Belfast City Council’s political parties will be involved in this group. This an opportunity for every party to play their part in building a consensus for action against the climate crisis - to protect our communities and businesses.

“Belfast is already a global resilience leader - developing our city’s response to the emerging challenges of the 21st century. How we respond to the climate crisis must be at the heart of that preparation."

Cllr Séamas de Faoite

074699 43401

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