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Eastwood: Greens Should Be Included in debates

SDLP Leader and EU Candidate Colum Eastwood has written to the BBC to ask for a wider platform for smaller parties for election debates

Speaking ahead of tonight’s debate Mr Eastwood said




“It doesn’t sit right with me that the Green Party has been cut out of this election's main public debates. More voices and more information for the electorate is good for democracy. As a candidate in the EU election it is wrong that the TUV have been given a prominent platform when the Greens, who elect more MLAs and councillors, have been excluded. The BBC in particular have a responsibility to promote a broad range of voices.




“We are rapidly approaching a climate catastrophe. Rising global temperatures threaten the economic and ecological future of people, communities and entire nations. I believe that the best place to respond to those issues is as part of a strong coalition of nations in the European Union, setting robust emissions targets, working toward carbon neutrality by the middle of this century and preparing industry for a green revolution. I want to debate those issues. I want to debate our record on climate action and protecting our environment. I think people like Clare Bailey should be given the same opportunity.




“The SDLP introduced a moratorium on fracking in Northern Ireland, our Minister introduced the single use plastic bag levy and we have continued to champion zero-waste initiatives. In councils across Northern Ireland, we’re pressing for the introduction of climate crisis resilience committees, we’re reducing reliance on single use plastics and in a restored Assembly we’ll introduce climate change legislation. This is a global challenge requiring local parties to work together. It is profoundly disappointing that we wont have an open debate about this ahead of the election.


Colum Eastwood MLA

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