News | Lyons calls for pedestrian focused city centre

Lyons calls for pedestrian focused city centre

SDLP Group Leader on Belfast City Council Donal Lyons has called for a review of pedestrian access in the city centre as the Primark Cordon is reduced.

Cllr Lyons said that the pedestrianisation of areas of the city had been a huge success, creating a more vibrant, welcoming and liveable city.

He said:

“Traders in the city centre have endured months of reduced access and reduced business opportunities as a result of the fire at Bank Buildings. Belfast City Council has been coordinating an effort following the fire to stimulate economic activity.

“In the middle of this disaster, however, we’ve had a glimpse of how we can reimagine our streetscapes to make the city centre more vibrant, welcoming and liveable. The pedestrianisation of routes around Bank Buildings has created new opportunities for street commerce, children’s play and has made this area of the city safer for people going about their daily business.


“Rather than fall back onto the old vehicle thoroughfare model, this is an opportunity to carry out a review of city centre access. We should be exploring active travel options, providing further options for street trade and looking at a full transformation of the heart of Belfast.

“That’s why we’re calling on the council to pedestrianise the area around Castle Place and Donegall place, noting a Department for Infrastructure consultation on the future use of this space. We need to be ambitious and creative about how we create a better Belfast.”


Cllr Donal Lyons

07846 770144

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