News | McCrossan: The North devoid of crucial no-deal legislation

McCrossan: The North devoid of crucial no-deal legislation

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Daniel McCrossan MLA has welcomed the efforts by the Irish Government to publish no-deal Brexit legislation. Mr McCrossan added that he was frustrated that the stalemate has rendered the North devoid of similar legislation, despite being the region most at risk from a no-deal scenario.

Mr McCrossan commented:


“The SDLP welcome the efforts made by the Irish Government to produce legislation that if needed will protect irish people from the potential fallout from a no-deal Brexit. Our party will be looking over the details of this legislation in the coming days.


“It does however send a stark reminder as to the ill preparedness of the north when it comes to dealing with a no-deal Brexit, or in fact any Brexit at all. Brexit, despite being the biggest political challenge of our time, has been met with political short-sightedness that has haunted our politics here for too long.


“With no voice in Stormont or Westminster, the remain mandate cast by the people of the North is being left to the arithmetic of a chaotic Westminster, and that is an extremely worrying state of affairs.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

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