News | Reilly welcomes the restoration of Derry-Stansted route

Reilly welcomes the restoration of Derry-Stansted route

SDLP DCSDC Group Leader and City of Derry Airport board member Martin Reilly welcomes the announcement that the City of Derry Airport has awarded the tender for the Derry to London Stansted route to Loganair. The news comes after FlyBMI withdrew its operations after annoucing the airline was going into administration.

Councillor Reilly commented:

"I am extremely pleased that the much relied upon Derry-Stansted route as been restored.

"Citizens and businesses in the North West are heavily reliant upon this service and the news that Loganair quickly moved to take up the tender is most welcome.

"The SDLP look forward to hearing plans about the forthcoming Derry to Manchester route, which will be an added development for our local airport and our local economy.

"I would like to thank all those who were involved in the intensive negotiations over the past week to ensure this route was saved."

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