News | SDLP Councillor to Chair Belfast Climate Crisis Committee

SDLP Councillor to Chair Belfast Climate Crisis Committee

An SDLP Councillor has been elected Chair of Belfast City Council’s Climate Crisis Group.

Cllr Séamas de Faoite, who proposed the new group, with the support of the Green Party’s Cllr Anthony Flynn, was elected chair at a meeting this week.  It will bring representatives from all parties together to address the impact the city has on the climate crisis.


Cllr de Faoite said:


“We are in the middle of a global climate catastrophe. While political bandwidth on these islands and beyond is stretched to its limit on domestic policy, which is very important, we must establish a coordinated effort to tackle the biggest threat to the global economic, environmental and social order we face today – irreversible climate breakdown.


“All of the evidence suggests that we have 11 years to take substantial action to address the impact of rising global temperatures caused by human generated emissions. It is an emergency. And if we don’t do something about it now, then we’ll have to face up to rising sea levels decimating developing economies and creating millions of climate refugees.


“At home, MET Office projections show that by 2040 we can expect hotter, drier summers and more concentrated winter rains with more serious flooding. We have to take decisive action to prevent the worst effects and prepare for the likely impacts of global warming.


“This needs to be a political priority for our city and all parties in City Hall. I’m delighted to have been elected chair of the new group and look forward to hard work in the time ahead.”


Cllr Séamas de Faoite

074699 43401

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