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SDLP Condemns West Belfast Murder

Speaking after a shooting in West Belfast, where police have confirmed a man has been shot dead, the SDLP have condemned those responsible.
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Mallon: British Government Must Come Clean on Secret Meetings with the DUP

SDLP Deputy Leader Nichola Mallon has today (Monday) called on the British Government to publish “immediately” the full details on the “secret meetings” between the British Government and the DUP. The North Belfast MLA said that the British Government has published only two short notes on two meetings of the so-called “co-ordination committee” – Ms Mallon said “it’s not good enough.”
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Mallon appeals for information following death of North Belfast woman

SDLP North Belfast MLA Nichola Mallon has appealed for information following the death of a local woman after a burglary at her Lismoyne Park home on Sunday.
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Eastwood: DUP and Sinn Féin Embarrass both Governments

After meeting with An Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister, SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood said both prime ministers had been brought to sign-off on a deal but were instead left embarrassed by the DUP and Sinn Féin.
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McCrossan: Political vacuum draining consumer confidence

SDLP Economy spokesperson Daniel McCrossan MLA has said that the results of Danske Bank’s Consumer Confidence survey show that concern about the political vacuum at Stormont has leaked into confidence about the financial security of families across the North.
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