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Dallat: Serious disregard being shown to Coleraine DVA workers

East Derry SDLP assemblyman John Dallat has expressed no confidence in the process used to find alternative posts for DVA workers in Coleraine dispossessed by what he branded the “shameful” decision to export their jobs to Wales.
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Dallat: Future of DVA workers must be made clear

SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat has accompanied a NIPSA delegation to meet the Head of the Northern Civil Service, Dr Malcolm McKibbin, to discuss the future of DVA workers in Coleraine.
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SDLP MPS told DVA jobs decision expected in the New Year

SDLP MPs Margaret Ritchie and Mark Durkan have been told a decision on the future of more than 300 under threat DVA jobs in the North is expected in the New Year.
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