Press Releases | Cusack disgusted at constant vandalism of Cregganburn Park

Cusack disgusted at constant vandalism of Cregganburn Park

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has expressed her disgust and frustration at the constant vandalism of a section of Cregganburn Park.

Councillor Cusack stated:

“This activity is occurring week in, week out and is in one particular section in the middle of the park.


“Not only is the rubbish from the bin strewn around the green, but those responsible find it entertaining to smash bottles on the pathway and have broken the dog waste bin.


“Do they not realise this is an area used by children and where people walk their pets? I find this behaviour disgusting and the culprits obviously have no consideration for the people of this community.

“I had previously contacted Council cleansing about this problem and they had agreed to a manual cleaning schedule of Monday and Fridays. However, given the destruction on Friday night, I will be recommending they remove this bin if this behaviour does not stop.


“If anyone has seen or witnessed this happening please get in touch, we cannot allow such continuous vandalism to become acceptable.”

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