Press Releases | Tierney: Attacks on buses must stop

Tierney: Attacks on buses must stop

SDLP Derry Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned those who caused damage to a bus in Derry last night. Stones were thrown at the bus in the area of Elaghmore Park causing damage to the windows.

Mr Tierney said,  “This attack will have caused the passengers and bus driver great distress and those responsible for this attack need reflect on the consequences of their actions.

“I have spoken with Translink who have said that the service will resume as normal today but should these kinds of incidents continue they will have to consider an alternative route for the Slievemore bus.

“This is one of the busiest bus routes in Derry. The vandalism of an minority cannot be allowed to impact our society in such a damaging way.

“I encourage anyone who knows who was responsible for this to contact the police to ensure that our public services are not reduced as a result of continued attacks.”

Cllr Brian Tierney

07731 309734

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