Press Releases | Mallon welcomes refurbishment of derelict properties

Mallon welcomes refurbishment of derelict properties

Following a site meeting with community workers and local residents to tackle derelict properties in the Cliftonville Road area of North Belfast, Nichola Mallon has received confirmation from the Housing Executive that they are bringing forward an action plan to specifically tackle the vacant properties in Clifton Crescent to bring them back to life for the use of local families in housing need.

The SDLP MLA for North Belfast said:

“As well as agreeing to refurbish the two vacant properties in Clifton Crescent in their ownership, the Housing Executive has committed to actively identify the owners of the remaining derelict properties to bring them back into use. Discussions are also underway with local Housing Associations about purchasing them.

“Vacant homes act as a magnet for anti-social behaviour, they lower the value of neighbouring properties and are an eye-sore for the community. I am pleased the refurbishment of these properties will not only revive a local residential street with great character in North Belfast, but more importantly will help families in housing need.

“Whilst the refurbishment of six properties might not seem a lot compared to the level of housing need in North Belfast, it will provide six homes for six families in severe housing need.

“This welcome news shows what can happen when statutory organisations listen to the concerns of residents and work together to find a solution. The SDLP will continue to push for the redevelopment of vacant properties, especially in areas of high housing need, to ensure everything that can be done is being done to tackle the growing housing crisis in North Belfast and across the north."

Nichola Mallon MLA

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