Durkan slams Sinn Féin hypocrisy on welfare

SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan has described Sinn Féin’s sudden concern over the impact of welfare reforms as ‘rank hypocrisy’ after the party ignored SDLP objections to the measures and voted them through the Assembly. Mr Durkan said that it was ‘disingenuous in the extreme’ for MP Elisha McCallion to attack the Universal Credit rollout after her party was responsible for giving welfare powers to the Tories.
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Eastwood: Politicians must legislate for Marriage Equality

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MLA has said that today’s High Court judgment on marriage equality demands a response from legislators to do their jobs and make equality law. Mr Eastwood tabled the first Assembly motion calling for marriage equality to achieve an affirmative majority.
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Bradley: Electricity price hike will hurt business and households

SDLP Economy Spokesperson Sinead Bradley MLA has said that a price hike of 5.6% on residential prices by Power NI will disproportionately hurt hard pressed households. Ms Bradley said that an increase of 6% on business electricity prices would hurt small businesses with already squeezed margins.
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McGrath congratulates students on A-Level results

SDLP Education Spokesperson Colin McGrath MLA has congratulated local students on another bumper year for A-Level Results. Mr McGrath, a former youth worker, also urged those who haven’t received the result they’d hoped for to make full use of the advice services on offer.
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Eastwood: British Government proposals ‘conflicting, chaotic and deficient’

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has described a British Government position paper on Brexit and Ireland as a ‘spin document’ that is conflicting, chaotic and deficient.
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