O'Donnell condemns arson and shooting attack on Derry home

SDLP Shantallow councillor Mark O’Donnell has condemned a shooting and arson attack on a house in Cornshell Fields on Tuesday night.
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Attwood: Right that US be close to talk process

SDLP OFMDFM spokesperson Alex Attwood has said it is right that the US Government be close to the all-party talks, following the appointment of former US Senator Gary Hart as American Envoy to the process.
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Attwood: PPS Cahill review not alternative to truth and justice

SDLP victims’ spokesperson Alex Attwood has acknowledged that the Public Prosecution Service is to conduct an independent review into issues around the case of Maíria Cahill.
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Maginness: SoS decision on Kincora 'deliberately obstructive or painfully ignorant'

SDLP Justice spokesperson Alban Maginness has said the Secretary of State’s refusal to include Kincora Boys’ Home in a UK-based inquiry into allegations of historical child sex abuse will not give hope to those trying to find the truth.
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Ramsey: Failure to protect learning budget, failure to protect young people

SDLP Employment and Learning (DEL) spokesperson Pat Ramsey has said there has to be a consistency from the Executive in protecting budgets following news that universities here face funding cuts next year.
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