Former Irish President praises the life and work of TK Whitaker at SDLP event in Dublin

Mary McAleese, Dr TK Whitaker and Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP MLA pictured before the SDLP Lunch today in Dublin. This event was to mark the 'commitment and sacrifice' of Dr. TK Whitaker.
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SDLP honour 'commitment and sacrifice' of Dr. TK Whitaker at The Convention Centre Dublin

Dr TK Whitaker, Archbishop Martin and Dr Alasdair McDonnell pictured together today at SDLP lunch to celebrate Dr. Whitaker's life and work.
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Mary McAleese, TK Whitaker and Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP MLA

SDLP honours 'commitment and sacrifice' of Dr TK Whitaker

Dr TK Whitaker lived and worked through tumultuous economic, political and social times but his record is one of always doing the right thing and putting the people and the country first, according to Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP, Leader of the SDLP speaking at a lunch to celebrate Dr Whitaker's life and work.
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Kelly condemns suspicious activity in Strabane

SDLP Strabane Councillor Patsy Kelly has condemned those behind leaving a suspicious device in the Ballycolman estate, causing a school to be evacuated and disruption to the daily lives of residents.
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Attwood: All those who abused Maíria Cahill should account

Responding to the comments of Martin McGuinness, SDLP victims’ spokesperson Alex Attwood has said:
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