Tierney: Car thieves target vulnerable family

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned those behind a car theft in Derry last night. The car was later found in the Gallaigh Estate abandoned and burnt out. This is the second car theft to be reported over the past three days in the area with the first car being found under similar circumstances.
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Bradley: Number and upkeep of SpAds is excessive

SDLP Deputy Chairperson of the Finance and Personnel Committee Dominic Bradley MLA has spoken in favour of a bill in the Assembly aimed at curtailing the number of Special Advisors in Executive Departments and greater regulating their salaries.
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Dallat welcomes overdue reform to public appointments

SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat has welcomed the development that all public appointment vacancies across government are now advertised on NI Direct, the official website for government services. Mr Dallat was informed of the news by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister in response to his question.
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Durkan backs campaign for equal access to TV for deaf & blind people

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has supported a new campaign to stop deaf and blind people in Derry and throughout the North being excluded from on-demand TV content. Mr Durkan has given his backing to the Subtitle It! campaign by charity ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ which is calling for new legislation to be introduced that will mean people with sight and hearing loss are able to watch fully accessible video-on-demand services with subtitles, signing and audio description. The rise of on-demand, streaming and catch-up services has led to the way people watch television content being transformed which, Parliament could not have foreseen when it passed the 2003 Communications Act. The Act led to huge improvements in the provision of subtitles on traditional TV, but it is now 12 years old, and technology has outgrown it.
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McCrossan Condemns Bomb Threats

SDLP West Tyrone Representative Daniel McCrossan has condemned a bomb threat in Omagh town that took place on Friday. The town was closed off for a number of hours as bomb experts searched the Strule Arts Centre and the surrounding area just off Main Street.
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