SDLP Leader suspends election campaigning following Manchester attack

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has suspended the party’s election campaign, including today’s planned manifesto launch, in solidarity with the people of Manchester following last night’s attack.
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Durkan: Derry needs a strong voice in Parliament to fight new Tory cuts to tax credits

SDLP Foyle Westminster candidate Mark Durkan has said it is important that the people of Derry have a strong voice in Parliament who will fight new Tory cuts to tax credits – describing them as penalties against ‘work and parenthood’ which will drive many families in the city into poverty.
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Ritchie: BBC must not means-test TV licenses for over-75s

SDLP South Down Parliamentary candidate, Margaret Ritchie, has spoken out against suggestions that the BBC will begin to means-test TV licences for the over-75s, saying that the Tories' plans to means-test the Winter Fuel Payment has set a standard for cuts to pensioner benefits.
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McDonnell: Bradshaw should withdraw slur on nationalists

SDLP South Belfast Westminster candidate Dr Alasdair McDonnell has said that comments from Alliance candidate Paula Bradshaw which suggest nationalists are incapable of ‘fairly representing’ their constituents are an outrageous slur and should be withdrawn.
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Eastwood pays tribute to Derry’s ‘silent peacemaker’

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has paid tribute to Brendan Duddy, following news of his death.
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