McDonnell: Success or failure is in the hands of all involved in the talks

SDLP Leader Alasdair McDonnell has responded to the Northern Ireland Secretary of State’s address to the Conservative Party Conference.
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SDLP MLA Karen McKevitt will not seek party nomination for South Down

SDLP MLA Karen McKevitt has announced that she will not seek the party’s nomination to contest the forthcoming Assembly election.
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Dallat: Business as usual between DUP and UDA

SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has called on the DUP to show consistency in its approach to dealing with groups linked to paramilitaries. Mr Dallat made his comments after a DUP spokesman stated last night that they would continue to work with the UPRG the political wing of the UDA.
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Duncan welcomes new jobs for Ballymoney

SDLP North Antrim representative Connor Duncan has welcomed the announcement of 87 new jobs at McAuley Precision and McAuley Manufacturing in Ballymoney.
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Bradley: Harmful delays over special educational needs assessments

SDLP Newry and Armagh MLA Dominic Bradley has proposed a motion expressing concern over waiting times for special educational needs assessments and the adverse effect it will have on the social and educational prospects of children with autism. By the end of April 2015, of the 1449 children waiting, more than 900 had been waiting longer than the recommended 13 weeks. Of those 476 had been waiting more than 26 weeks and more than 78 children has been waiting more than a year to be assessed.
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