Attwood: No side deals, and no assets can be untouchable

The SDLP West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood was part of a delegation of SDLP representatives which met with the Chief Constable today. The party made it clear that in order for the negotiations to bring lasting change, there must be agreement on war on organised crime and no back room deals on any issue with any party.
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McDonnell: 101,000 children in North live in poverty

SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP has expressed frustration at a report published by the Department for Social Development which shows levels of child and pensioner poverty have increased while average incomes have reduced.
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Attwood: Talks must be the only show in town

The SDLP MLA for West Belfast Alex Attwood says the intensive talks announced by the British Government must ensure issues which have dogged the institutions for too long are dealt with decisively and properly to ensure long lasting peace, progress and stability.
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SDLP MPs demand action on refugee crisis

The SDLP’s three MPs have made representations to British Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to take urgent action to relieve the European refugee crisis by admitting more of those fleeing hardship.
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Durkan renews call on PM to urgently review refugee places

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has renewed his call on British Prime Minister David Cameron to urgently review the places available in the UK for refugees involved in the Mediterranean crisis who are fleeing violence, persecution and suffering in their own countries.
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