SDLP representatives stand with workers

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McKillop: Glens remain in super council name

SDLP East Antrim representative Margaret Anne McKillop has expressed her delight that ‘Glens’ will remain part of the title of the new super council serving the old areas of Limavady, Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle. The official name of the council was decided at the first annual AGM of the council last night.
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Mullan: East Derry has a choice – ‘curry my yogurt’ or jobs

SDLP East Derry candidate Cllr Gerry Mullan has called on people of East Derry to unite in a common purpose of delivering jobs and creating a new beginning for an area that has been neglected in the past.
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Attwood: Taoiseach’s statement of “full disclosure” highly significant and sets standards for all

Speaking after attending today’s meeting of the Ballymurphy massacre families and the Taoiseach, Alex Attwood MLA said:
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Durkan faced tough choices in DOE budget

Mark H Durkan today outlined the budget allocations for DOE for 2015/16. He has faced tough choices as a result of the existing budget being reduced by £12.4 million. This 10.7% reduction in budget will mean DOE will no longer be able to provide the same level of funding to some projects.
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Dallat: Home invaders showed no mercy

SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has described an attack on a man in Coleraine early this morning as brutal and merciless. A man in his 20s was hospitalised after four masked men forced their way into a house on Maple Drive and shooting him. The victim was shot again outside the house as he tried to escape.
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