Manifesto 2017

The SDLP's ambitious manifesto for change ahead of the 2017 Assembly election

This election will offer you the opportunity to make change happen. 

The disgrace of the ‘cash for ash’ scandal and Arlene Foster’s arrogance has exposed a corrupt politics.   

Here in Northern Ireland – at the very moment when we most needed stability and certainty – our own government has collapsed and doubt remains as to whether the institutions can be put back together again.

They have left us with no budget, no Programme for Government and no delivery.  

Only last May they offered you a ‘fresh start’ – less than 10 months later that government has now failed. 

If they can’t work with each other, then they can’t work for you and your family. They can’t work for the common good.

The price of their failure has cost Northern Ireland far too much for far too long.

In this election you do have a choice. 

Choose between two parties who have shown that they can’t work together or take the chance to choose differently – choose those of us who have shown that we can work together.  Choose parties who want to work together. Difference doesn’t have to mean division, it doesn’t have to mean deadlock.

This document is an extensive but not exhaustive manifesto for change. It identifies many of the areas in need of review, reform and renewal. It represents our starting point in any future negotiation on entering government.

The SDLP is offering you the chance to change an establishment of old bigotry and old battles. Change has come before and it is calling again now.

In this election, the SDLP are outlining a Life Long Commitment – supporting children, young people, young workers, families and older people. When voters go to cast their ballots they can have certainty that a strong SDLP as part of a strong alternative government will deliver change.

We know that it can sometimes be hard to hope that change is possible in our politics – but change does and can come if we make it happen. 

If you want to see that change – come out and vote for it.

On March 2nd – Make change happen.

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