Manifesto 2017

The SDLP's 2017 Westminster election Manifesto

This is an election that no one wanted. After going to the polls in March and seeing no government for their effort, there’s a toxic mix of anger and electoral fatigue. Is it any wonder? People are being asked to go to the ballot box for the fifth time in 2 years. That disorientation and dysfunction in politics stems from one place. The Brexit referendum result was a moment of deep divergence that is still working its way across both our islands.

Therefore, whilst many things remain uncertain - the politics of this election is clear. This is a Brexit election called by Theresa May to enforce a future to which we haven’t given our consent.

It now appears inevitable that Theresa May’s momentum will carry her back to Downing Street. It is not inevitable that the North sends back a majority of MPs to Westminster who will play along with Tories vision of a hard Brexit and a hard Border.

Every vote for the SDLP is a vote representing the different future which we all voted for last June. We are a party with Europe at our core – we are the party best able and best connected to defend the interests of our businesses and people across the North. Those who placed a Remain vote in ballot boxes last June should carry through with that decision and vote SDLP this June.

People should also know that because of their inability to form an Executive, the DUP and Sinn Féin are going into this election offering our people permanent Tory governance.

The political maths of this election is simple. A DUP seat will only add to Tory numbers - a Sinn Féin seat won’t even get counted. And with a devolution vacuum, that means people like Jeremy Hunt, Iain Duncan Smith and others slowly taking over our public services. We won’t stand for that. The SDLP will stand against that every day.

Only the SDLP can fight a hard Brexit and a hard border after this election.

Only the SDLP can stand with a progressive alliance of MPs at Westminster to take the fight to Theresa May.

Only the SDLP can take on the Tories.

On June 8th, take a stand with us and vote SDLP.

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