News | DALLAT: UVF banner carried at Coleraine parade amid late night shoppers

DALLAT: UVF banner carried at Coleraine parade amid late night shoppers

East Derry SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat has asked the PSNI to investigate why a UVF banner was allowed to be carried at the head of an Apprentice Boys Parade through Coleraine tonight (Wednesday).

Mr Dallat said: "My wife and I were in the town centre answering the call to shop locally when out of the darkness emerged a group of about 50 men led by a band with a UVF banner out in front. There were no supporters and few spectators. Most people who were still late night shopping simply ignored them.

"I had expressed my concern about this event to the Parades Commission and was surprised at how few police officers were about. I approached a police car and enquired if the officers were aware that a UVF banner was being carried and if it was legal. Obviously I will await a reply with interest.

"My immediate thoughts were with those who lost their lives at the hands of UVF killer gangs, but particularly about those locally who died and those that who still suffer at the hands of this gang that has never been on ceasefire.

"Clearly, the organisers of this march have not only got their marching activities out of season, but they have badly mixed up their history as well. "Obviously this kind of activity does nothing for the image of Coleraine and augers badly after a young boy and another man were shot in the legs by paramilitaries."

John Dallat MLA

028 29541880

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