News | McDonnell: Zero Hour Contracts Must End

McDonnell: Zero Hour Contracts Must End

SDLP leader, Alasdair McDonnell MP says the uncertainty and unfair conditions for thousands of workers in Northern Ireland who don’t know if they have work from one week to the next must end.

The South Belfast assemblyman was speaking after Business Secretary Vince Cable said he would consult on the use of zero hour contracts. Mr McDonnell, who has consistently voiced his opposition on the issue, said conditions for the almost 30,000 people in the North believed to be subjected to zero hour contracts were unfair.

Mr McDonnell said:  

“For workers, and their families, it means they don’t know how much income they will have from week to week. Having hours varied at short notice puts pressure on childcare arrangements, family gatherings and education. 

“Without doubt, here in Northern Ireland, there are thousands of workers on such contracts, which are an unfair and unreasonable way of treating working people. It can also put employers at a disadvantage as it fails to contribute to a professional and motivated working environment.

“I have supported motions in Westminster this year on the matter of ‘zero hour’ contracts and the casualisation of the workforce, and I will continue to do what I can to see that workers’ rights are protected.

“Vince Cable must do more than simply review this issue.  Everyone deserves the chance for a stable and reasonable working week, and I will continue to pressure the Government on this important issue.”

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