News | Attwood: Right that US be close to talk process

Attwood: Right that US be close to talk process

SDLP OFMDFM spokesperson Alex Attwood has said it is right that the US Government be close to the all-party talks, following the appointment of former US Senator Gary Hart as American Envoy to the process.

The West Belfast MLA said the US, Irish and British government must have the fullest involvement in the talks and anything less than comprehensive outcomes by Christmas will not be good enough.

He said: “The SDLP warmly welcomes the appointment of former Senator Gary Hart. We have called for the fullest involvement of the three governments. We believe that as happened at St Andrews, the US Government should be close to and, when necessary, in the talks’ room.

“The US involvement raises the stakes. The talks must not be about Sinn Féin and the DUP positioning for coming elections. The talks must be about comprehensive and decisive outcomes by Christmas.

“Anything less is not good enough.”

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