News | Attwood: Robinson comments 'beggar belief' given his recent actions

Attwood: Robinson comments 'beggar belief' given his recent actions

SDLP West Belfast MLA Alex Attwood has said the First Minister’s comments regarding intimidation of Michael Abiona in East Belfast “beggar belief” and once again raises questions about his judgment.

Mr Attwood was speaking after Peter Robinson said he believed the incident could have happened even to someone from “up country” had they moved into the property.

Mr Attwood: “The response by Peter Robinson again raises questions about his judgment, his thinking and his attitude.

“In respect to this incident he claims that anybody from “up country” could have received the same treatment. In effect, he is saying that an outsider to this community could anticipate this sort of response if they sought to live in that community.

“The only proper approach should be for all to welcome the outsider, whether they come from within this country or from outside this country. That should be the measure of our society. Tolerance and welcome should be the hallmarks of how we conduct ourselves.

“Peter Robinson’s comments again confirm his failure of judgment, bad thinking and wrong attitude. This was a time to be unambiguous in response to those who displayed intolerance.

“Peter Robinson has again badly failed this test.”

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