News | Bradley: McAlinden outstanding leader of Southern Health Trust

Bradley: McAlinden outstanding leader of Southern Health Trust

SDLP Newry and Armagh Assembly Member Dominic Bradley, has paid tribute to Mairead McAlinden, Chief Executive of the Southern Health Trust, who has announced she will be leaving the post for a position in Devon. Following the announcement, Mr Bradley stated that Ms McAlinden has made a tremendous contribution to the management of the Health Service in the area.

He said: “Mairead has demonstrated outstanding leadership during her time managing the Southern Health Trust. Her performance throughout her tenure as Chief Executive has been to a consistently high standard.

“Her departure for a new post in Devon marks a huge loss for healthcare management in the area. I would like to thank Mairead for her hard work and leadership over the years and wish her every success in the future.”

Newry & Mourne District Councillor and former health professional, John McArdle stated: “Ms McAlinden has provided tremendous leadership in the area. She was always helpful, honest and forthcoming. Even though I did not agree with every decision she made, she was always open to discussion and willing to change if the circumstances demanded.

“I too would like to wish her every success. Devon’s gain is the Southern Trust’s loss.”

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