News | Dallat: Serious disregard being shown to Coleraine DVA workers

Dallat: Serious disregard being shown to Coleraine DVA workers

East Derry SDLP assemblyman John Dallat has expressed no confidence in the process used to find alternative posts for DVA workers in Coleraine dispossessed by what he branded the “shameful” decision to export their jobs to Wales.

Mr Dallat, who has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the almost 300-strong workforce at County Hall in Coleraine, was speaking after it emerged a number of staff had received official notification they have no grounds to be considered as exempt from transfer to other areas of Northern Ireland. Mr Dallat said the personal circumstances of employees must be considered.

Mr Dallat said: “I have no confidence in the process and I seriously question the motivation of those making life changing decisions about the future of our people in the DVA centre.

“It appears that everything that I and others have said is being ignored, and that is bad for democracy and has a highly demoralising impact on people who already feel cheated and that they are not understood by their masters.

“A significant number of public sector jobs must come to Coleraine which are appropriate to the skills of those losing their livelihoods.

“SDLP environment minister Mark H Durkan has laid down a marker by identifying 50 posts within the DoE that will transfer to Coleraine. It is up to others to follow his example, and the senior civil servants need to listen to the views of public representatives who feel passionately about the future of low paid workers who must not be fed to the wolves of political expediency at Westminster.” 

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