News | Diver warns students of online bank fraud

Diver warns students of online bank fraud

SDLP Derry Waterside councillor Gerard Diver has warned students and their families to be wary of bank card fraud, particularly with online card use.

Cllr Diver personally knows people who have been directly targeted by the scam.

He said: “It has been brought to my attention recently that there have been a number of incidents involving the hacking of people’s bank accounts as a result of online card use.

“This usually takes the form of smaller payments such as a ‘Pay As You Go’ phone top-up charges being taken from your account by the thieves to see if they are successful initially before taking a much larger amount later.

“In some cases, people have had the entire contents of their bank account stolen. I would urge people to be extremely vigilant by checking their accounts regularly for unfamiliar transactions which they should report to their bank as soon as possible.

“Students, many of whom are new to the world of banking, are particularly vulnerable as they may have significant amounts going through their bank accounts at this time of year in terms of student loans and accommodation costs. Also, when making purchases online people should be wary of entering their card details on sites that do not look reputable or fully secure.”

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