News | McKinney: Belfast home help cuts 'lack of strategic thinking'

McKinney: Belfast home help cuts 'lack of strategic thinking'

SDLP health spokesperson Fearghal McKinney says the decision by the Belfast Health Trust to cut home help services to 550 elderly people lacks strategic vision and will ultimately put stress on pressurised hospitals.

The South Belfast MLA said:

“This is another example of a complete lack of strategic thinking on behalf of the Trust. It is slavishly following the budgetary bottom line instead of dealing with issues strategically.

“The strategic focus was within Transforming Your Care, where the home was to be the hub and provide a cost effective service in homes, reducing pressure on hospitals.

“However, this decision will undoubtedly lead to pressures on our hospitals. When these cuts were announced, the SDLP called for them to be stopped to allow for a strategic focus. We maintain that.

“The Trust’s decision-making has already been shown to be flawed after the Minister stopped decisions earmarked for Bangor and the Dalriada. The SDLP is fearful that this announcement will only lead to growing emergency crisis.

“Before we can support any measures taken by the Trust, we need to see some strategic thinking that is focussed.”


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