News | Reilly welcomes efforts to reduce littering in Chapel Road area

Reilly welcomes efforts to reduce littering in Chapel Road area

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly has welcomed a commitment from Derry City Council waste management team to reduce the amount of black bag waste in the Chapel Road area.

After having being contacted by residents plagued with the proliferation of litter in this part of the Waterside, Councillor Reilly said: "The dumping of domestic rubbish in black bags at the bottom of Primrose Street, and other parts of Chapel Road, causes obvious concerns for those residents who put their waste correctly in their black bin for collection.

“I have contacted the waste management team in Derry City Council and welcome its commitment to organise with the Enforcement Officer to take the litter wardens across to the area next week on bin collection day and again go through any bags that are left out to identify the source. Following this the wardens are to call at each property and speak to the residents and advise on proper procedures for dealing with waste."

Councillor Reilly continued: "I would appeal to landlords in the area to ensure their tenants have both a black and blue bin. Incidents of illegal dumping in the past have been reported, resulting in Fixed Penalty Notices being issued to irresponsible dumpers. Just recently Council blitzed this entire area, cleaning the lane, emptying contaminated blue bins etc. It is therefore disappointing that waste continues to be dumped indiscriminately. I urge everyone to dispose of their waste in the proper manner for the wellbeing of the entire area. Anyone with bulky goods for disposal can arrange for these to be collected by ringing 02871374107."

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