News | Tierney: Praise for Council summer schemes

Tierney: Praise for Council summer schemes

SDLP Derry City councillor Brian Tierney has congratulated Derry City Council officers and staff for the delivery of a "superbly run programme of events” during the local authority's summer schemes.

The Summer Recreation Camps were facilitated by the council at Templemore Sports Complex and other venues in the city over an eight week period during the summer months.

Speaking as the last of the summer camps were drawing to a close at Templemore Sports Complex this week, Councillor Tierney said: “Over the last eight weeks Derry City Council staff facilitated a fantastic multi sports summer scheme which was open to children from 6-12 years old. At these events the children took part in a range of well organised activities such as soccer, rugby, gaelic, cycling, arts and crafts and many more. The schemes will have had an invaluable impact on the youngsters who attended as they provided a safe and fun environment for both sporting and social development.

“These summer schemes hosted 140-150 children per week in Templemore sports complex and there was a very high demand for places. My own son attended one of the two week programmes and he really enjoyed it. He made lots of friends and learned many things during his time on the summer scheme.

“Engaging with the staff when I dropped my son off and collected him I could see at first-hand the dedication of each member of staff to creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere. Learning and having fun was at the forefront of the programme which is exactly what parents will be looking for in such a scheme.

“Coming at a time when children are on holidays from school and at a loose end for long periods of time, the schemes will also have taken a lot of stress and pressures off families.”

Cllr Tierney added: “These summer schemes were booked out very quickly, which was great to see, but I am hoping that the programme can be rolled out to many venues throughout the city in coming years. I will be speaking to council officers to look into finding a way that we can achieve this and ensure that more and more families can benefit from these fantastic schemes.”

Cllr Brian Tierney

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