News | Boyle: Immediate tree inspection needed

Boyle: Immediate tree inspection needed

SDLP Derry City Councillor John Boyle has called on Roads Service/Transport NI to “carry out immediate inspections” of trees lining a busy road in the city.

Councillor Boyle said: “Early on Wednesday evening I was alerted to a situation involving a fallen tree which was obstructing a section of the busy Creggan Road near Cashelmore Park. Upon inspection at the scene, I quickly made contact with Transport NI through their emergency contact centre. I was assured that engineers would respond immediately and I am thankful that Roads Service staff were able to deal promptly with the problem. It was posing a very real danger and I witnessed dozens of vehicles swerving to avoid the obstruction on what was a dark and wet night with poor visibility.”

“However, I am still concerned that a similar incident could happen again and I have asked Transport NI officials to carry out a full inspection of all of the trees along the stretch of road from the Bywash to Hazelbank Roundabout.”

“It is clear that many of the same type of tree were planted along this section of road and it is entirely possible some of them are nearing the end of their natural life. There is the very real potential for further incidents of this nature and it is imperative that something is done to protect pedestrians and motorists alike”

Cllr John Boyle

07748 192198

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