News | Browne: QUB must recognise democratic will of students

Browne: QUB must recognise democratic will of students

Chair of SDLP Youth Conal Browne has called on Queen’s University to recognise the democratic will of students and reverse a decision to block an amendment passed by a student referendum that removes restrictions on which students can run for elected office.

The proposal to lift the requirement that candidates be in ‘Good Academic Standing’, which takes no account of exceptional circumstances including illness, disability or caring responsibilities, was passed by the Students Union Council and then by students in a university wide referendum. 


He said: “I was incredibly disappointed to hear that the University Senate has rejected a proposal passed by a referendum of students that would lift restrictions on who could or could not run for elected office.

“Both the Student’s Council and the student body voted to remove the academic standing rule which takes no account of the exceptional circumstances that some students face during term time. Democracy has no good standing requirement and it is wrong for the university elite to stand against a decision of the student body.

“Student Council and SU Executive Officers are elected on their merits, not their academic attainment. The Senate has crossed a line and should immediately resile from their anti-democratic intervention.”

Conal Browne

02890 247700

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