News | Coyle: Consideration needed from Belleek dog owners

Coyle: Consideration needed from Belleek dog owners

SDLP Fermanagh South Tyrone Westminster Candidate John Coyle has described the problem of dog fouling in Belleek as a disgusting nuisance.

He said: “After speaking with local residents I’ve come to realise that along with being a disgusting nuisance the horrible of dog fouling in Belleek is a serious concern for people here.

“Along with the revolting sight and smell, people are worried about the effect it can have on health. Children in particular are at risk from picking up parasites from dog faeces that can cause organ damage and blindness in extreme cases.

“I have contacted Fermanagh District Council to address the matter by providing more public bins and I am still waiting on a response. I have also spoken to dog wardens who will be investigating the possibility of stray dogs in the area.

“In the meantime I would ask dog owners to be considerate of others when out walking their dogs and please dispose of their pet’s waste in a responsible manner.”

Cllr John Coyle

07731 779330

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