News | McCrossan: Minister must come clean on Greenfield Care Home

McCrossan: Minister must come clean on Greenfield Care Home

SDLP West Tyrone Westminster candidate Daniel McCrossan has called for the Minister for Health to come clean on the future of Greenfield Residential Care Home. Mr McCrossan made his demand following reports that beds were being kept empty in the Strabane residence for older people.

He said: “Reports that beds are being kept empty in a care home at a time when demand is high and Health spending is being cut is quite alarming. Many of the residents suspect that it is because the axe of healthcare cutbacks is about to fall on Greenfield.

“After hearing that as many as 17 of the 30 beds are currently unoccupied, I posted a letter of concern Health Minister enquiring if it was indeed his intention to target Greenfield for closure. The response I received was vague and noncommittal; lending weight to this possibility.

“The Minister must realize that it is inappropriate to be anything but transparent in regard to his intentions to remove services that people in this area depend on. These are peoples’ homes and it is about time the Minister ended the unnecessary stress he is putting on Greenfield residents and come clean about his intentions.”

Daniel McCrossan MLA

028 71882828

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