News | McKinney: Health Service reports vindicate SDLP

McKinney: Health Service reports vindicate SDLP

SDLP Health spokesperson and South Belfast MLA Fearghal McKinney has asserted that three major recent Health reports vindicate the SDLP’s criticism of the failed plan at the heart of our Health Service. Speaking during today’s motion on the Budget for 2015/16, Mr McKinney said:

“There is a clear consensus in Stormont of the need to implement a change agenda in our Health Service if we are to ensure it is fit for the 21st century and for future generations.

But the ‘invest-to-save’ Transforming Your Care plan reform at the heart of the health care system has not been properly funded which has resulted in increased pressure in the Health system and failed outcomes for staff, patients and the public.

Speaking in today’s debate Mr McKinney said: “My long held concerns over reform have been further substantiated over the last two weeks in three key reports which have vindicated our claims.


The Donaldson Review and both the Public Accounts Committee and the Kings Fund report in Westminster are all saying the same thing; that the community side of Healthcare is not being properly funded and the non-implementation of these reforms have resulted in a waste of three years which has ultimately failed patients and left the Health Service in a strategic void.

The Health Minister has previously said that there is no money left in the Health Service purse to pursue reform.

But given a £4.8 Billion pound budget every pound should be spent wisely and without wastage and directed at quality patient outcomes. The TYC plan has merit – these three reports say that. We will not get the outcomes we deserve until that plan is meaningfully implemented.”

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