News | Ramsey: Derry bomb threat unacceptable and irresponsible

Ramsey: Derry bomb threat unacceptable and irresponsible

SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey has described the instigators of a security alert at the Currynierin Estate in Derry as unacceptable and irresponsible. Families were evacuated after police were informed that a bomb had been abandoned in a housing estate.

Mr Ramsey said:  “The people of Derry are sick and tired of these reckless and futile efforts.

“Any activity of this kind can only be described as unacceptable and irresponsible when you consider the proximity of the threat to residential homes and it is contemptible that children and their parent must be told to leave their homes.

“This is common practice in a warzone, not in a functioning society and that is what the vast majority of Derry citizens want, a city that works.

“It is time we relegated this kind of behaviour to the past. The people of Derry have made it clear time and again that there is no place for violence in our city.”

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